A Tale of Two Mac minis

A Tale of Two Mac minis

me November 17, 2019

After resurecting my old Mac mini to serve up my website, I realized I need another server to run various server tasks. I first opted to buy refurbished rack mountable servers but I found out that those ran too loud for my apartment living room. I need a small quiet server, hence another Mac mini is a good candidate.

After finding one good listing at eBay for $315, I bid for it and won at $322. It is a Mac mini Server (late 2012, Model 6,2). The price is reasonable for me, as this old Mac mini can still run Mac OS X Mojave. After paying the seller, it was delivered two days later. See the gallery below as I described how I setup my two Mac minis.

It all started when I won the bid for this Mac mini server for $322.
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In a future post I will describe what services and software will be running on them. I should also get a UPS backup battery, a network switch, a rack shelf, a patch panel, and other network equipment. Time to save money for those goodies.

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